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The J.S.M. (Jobs and Salaries Management) search versatility in managing jobs and compensation of your company, with the objective to streamline administration of remuneration, career and succession and optimize payroll costs.
J.S.M. Steps

Job Selection: Choice of positions, considering the organizational structure and the needs of your company.

Job Analysis: The process of describing a position may be the occasion to reflect about your identity and mission. BOZZA consultants conduct interviews at the executive level (President, Directors and Managers) and prepare their job descriptions, while the Company’s staff, after training conducted by BOZZA, interview and prepare descriptions of other hierarchical levels. When the analysis is complete, each job description will be submitted to the described position of the occupant and his immediate superior for proper review and final approval.

Job Evaluation: Based on the contents of the descriptions, each position will be evaluated through the use of Total Value® methodology. For that, will be formed various committees of different hierarchical levels (eg Board, Management, etc.) and areas, previously trained and with the participation of a BOZZA consultant who will evaluate and score each position, according to its importance within the Organization.

Internal Equity and External Competitiveness: The current salary practice will be examined internally to verify the extent to which employees are compensated in a direct proportion to the impact they have on the global and strategic results of the Company (Figure 1) grafico_01_cargos_e_salarios-g
Then, salary comparisons will be made with a panel set by senior management of the Company, in order to verify the degree of competitiveness on the market consisting of these organizations, with regard to remuneration policies. This market may be either national, regional or still a Selected Market, which may be linked to the sector of activity, size, revenue, competitive strategy (Figure 2), among others. grafico_02_cargos_e_salarios-g

Policies and Procedures Salary: Policies and Procedures Salary: Analyzing Culture and Company Values, specific rules will be developed to guarantee the regulation and conduct of the new salary policy.