Avaliação de desenpenho

In the execution of all work, the performance of some individuals is superior to than others. Employees with superior competence perform their jobs differently and have characteristics that differ with respect to employees of median and standard skills.

The best way to identify these characteristics is to analyze the differentiating competencies of employees in your company through Behavioral Event Interviews.
CAP objectives
  • Support clearly, objectively and effective decision making with regard to: training, development, compensation, promotions, transfers, layoffs, recruitment and selection of employees of the Company;
  • Make it clear and transparent organizational and individual goals, achieving a greater involvement of all in search of the same;
  • Get a planned, integrated and realistic growth and development of potential employees through a clear and objective management of results and future plans for use in the organization;
  • Assist in Leadership development and other employees.
Aspects Qualitative: Considering the culture, mission and organizational objectives, will be established for the different job levels of their hierarchical structure, skills set that will measure the qualitative contribution of labor and individuals responsibilities at different times where your business will require attitudes as: Commitment to results, Entrepreneurship and Innovative Spirit, Planning and Organization, visionary, Partner Relationship with Customers, among others. In our database are registered more than 50 skills developed in different companies from various sectors of the national economy. Quantitative: In this stage will be established operational, financial, commercial and administrative goals that, negotiated with the occupants, will guide to the achievement of organizational objectives. These goals must be measurable and follow these characteristics:
  1. are tied to the organization’s overall guidelines;
  2. be understandable, clear, precise and without double meaning;
  3. always demonstrate a result;
  4. be expressive is important
Our consulting process differs strongly in the conduct of the project and the steps of consolidation of Competence Assessments, because this involvement mischaracterizes political actions, effect “hallo”, “witch hunt”, paternalism and other common actions found in other misguided processes.