Avaliação de desenpenho
  • In what extent, in your opinion, your company conveys a positive image to the general public?
  • How do you rate the overall level of employee motivation in your Company?
  • Compared to other companies, how far your company it is better to work?

The study Climate and Organizational Culture is a powerful management tool widespread in successful companies. Through it your company can detect their strengths and weaknesses in the relationship with employees, the effectiveness of communications across the organization, reputation and organizational vitality transmitted to its employees, among others.

What is Climate?

Organizational climate is a set of perceptions, attitudes and values ​​that impact the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. The way employees see the company, influence on performance and therefore the productivity of the organization.

The Organizational Climate study is an X-ray to provide all necessary information for taking actions consistent with the strategic objectives of your company.

Some Themes
  • Clarity of Goals: which level the company has its clear objectives, defined, complete and well targeted to medium and long term.
  • Remuneration: which level the salary and benefits are internally balanced, fair and competitive when compared externally.
  • Quality of Decision-making: the extent to which decisions are made at the appropriate hierarchical level and based on need, clear and sufficient.
  • Integration and Communication: which level the Company ensures effective communications across the organization and promotes cooperative interactions between the units and departments.
  • Management style: level of ability to manage people and encouragement of individual initiatives for greater organizational effectiveness.
Some extracts
  • Work Area;
  • Work time at Company;
  • Hierarchical level;
  • Workplace;
  • Education.
Database A key element in the proper analysis of the organizational climate study is to compare the results of your company with the results obtained by other organizations (Figure 1). A solid database composed of reputable companies will allow a more precise analysis of the behavior of your company. BOZZA has information that will guide your company and allow clear identification with successful organizations. grafico_01_clima-g