Avaliação de desenpenho

Career Plans are an important tool that will provide the direction that employees should have to experience and grow within a company, going through different positions and functions, starting with a simple job and developing within the company while improving their skills. Any company with various hierarchical levels and departments can and should develop career paths where the employee can start as Administrative Assistant and grow through Sector Manager, to eventually become a Director or President. The development of career is a process that involves the effective realization of professional projects within the company. It is the recognition of professional combined with a world of opportunities offered by the company.

Career Plans is more than a management tool of Human Capital. In fact, if also features as a strong extra benefit for employees.

Primary Objectives
  • Establish ways compatible with the reality and the organization’s needs;
  • Ensure that employees have prospects for development and professional growth through a projective vision of the organizational structure.
  • Ensure that access to paths occur in a transparent, detailed and dynamic way;
  • Encourage all other subsystems of the Chain of Human Resource Value, generate results that favor the performance of the Company and the integration of functional performance to organizational goals.
Important Rules
  • Career is employee liability;
  • The paths and the dynamics are responsibility of the company;
  • Managers should help change career;
  • Transparency and fairness in the development criteria.