Pesquisa WEB

More and more companies search to secure, responsive and economical ways in organizational management process. So, nothing better than do it through the web, ensuring speed and convenience for your search.

The advantages of carrying out the research over the web are notorious. In addition to savings in the cost of meetings, mobilization of people (travel and logistics), proofing paper and answer sheets, research the web is faster. In addition, the facilities responding by WEB can increase access to the target audience, because, theoretically, the respondent can answer the survey at anytime, anywhere. Respondents is also an advantage since many virtual research allow a better time for the employee to participate in this type of study.

The practicality is very large because the employee must access the link in the email and choose one (1) in nine (9) passwords available. These passwords prevent the identification of the employee and ensure the confidentiality of the Internet system. After WEB completing the questionnaire, the data is saved and sent directly to the Bozza database for processing and analysis.

For employees who do not have access to email, the questionnaire can be done through totems or kiosks located in rooms for use. Thus, each employee will also choose one (1) in nine (9) passwords available. This process can also be done through tablets or smartphones.

This type of investment is also intended to support the process of digital inclusion of employees who do not have access to computers in daily activities.