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BOZZA – Strategic Solutions in Human Resource, has created an efficient and economical Salary and Benefit Survey System called CLUB SURVEY to analyze and compare the salary level and benefits from the various segments of the industry of Amazonas and also the various professional activities.

What is a Club Survey?

A Club Survey is a database with information of companies in the same business sector, economic group, and / or elsewhere, which have a structure of common interest.

This product was launched in 2004 in partnership and at the invitation of SINAEES (Union of electro-electronic companies) because of BOZZA be the consulting firm that more projects of this nature are held in the state and therefore has the greatest knowledge of the processes, operations and business in companies.

The aims of this Club Survey are:

  • Offer more sustainable development of companies;
  • Minimize the cost per capita for research;
  • Share information of interest to all;
  • Jump to the needs of business;
  • Increase the quality and quantity of information from companies.

Result: Your Company will have updated information on the competitiveness of their salaries and benefits in relation to the participating companies, and the global vision in State level.


Dedicated exclusively to companies from the same industry or geographical location, this survey includes different levels and positions like technical-operational, administrative, supervisory and management, representing various companies.

Market results for each position will be calculated by sector / activity that belongs to the region where it is located. All calculated markets will be subject to extensive analysis of the scenario and trends in Human Resource Management.

Data from Club Survey will enable your company to successfully manage the salary policy, thus increasing competitiveness, quality of products and services with productivity.

The more companies join the study much lower will be your investment.