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Salary Survey: More and more companies are looking for tools to assist in the process of administering the employee’s compensation.

Salary and Benefits Surveys are undoubtedly basic tools to generate reliable information, helping organizations in this difficult process.

Outsourcing surveys provides savings of time and personnel to the requesting company, without considering that the consulting know-how and exemption, gives more credibility to the survey.

BOZZA offers Salary and Benefits Surveys allowing your company to know the actual position of your policy and salaries practices in relation to the market, analyzing the composition of their compensation and benefits in order to effectively manage the internal consistency and external competitiveness.

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BOZZA participates in this work through collecting information personally, optimizing the quality of information generated, comparing content positions rather than job titles, also considering:
  • Hierarchical Structure;
  • Position in Organization Chart;
  • Base Salary and Variable Pay (commission, prizes, bonuses, profit sharing, etc.);
  • Benefits (qualitative and quantitative);
  • Monetary responsibilities.
  • Types of Compensation
BOZZA works with different types of remuneration and developing graphics that let you see the degree of competitiveness of your company.
  • Base Salary (Nominal Salary + Overtime + Media Variable);
  • Total Cash (Base Salary + Bonus + Profit Sharing – PLR + Gain Sharing and other bonuses);
  • Fixed Remuneration (Base Salary + Benefits);
  • Total Remuneration (Total Cash + Benefits)
  • Direct Remuneration (Total Remuneration + Stock Options)
The Salaries and Benefits Survey of BOZZA allows your company set the panel of participating companies according to their sector of activity, capital origin, geographic location, competitive strategy, size, billing, among others. To ensure the consistency of the data collected, we recommend that the panel is composed of a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 20 companies. The results are presented as follows: Analytical and Management Report for Job, Internal Consistency graph (Figure 1), External Competitiveness graph (Figure 2), Ranking, Monthly Income for Quartile and Percentage deviation, reports in another currency, etc.